by Wendy Gorski, OCW Treasurer

“Good news, good news,” is one of my favorite lines from a Ken Davis concert. It made me laugh and cry all at the same time.

The good news is that the winter conference netted a small profit, thanks in large part to the silent auction that raised $227 and the fact that we pay way below market value to use that venue. In addition, not having the $250 expense of recording the sessions allowed the winter conference to end on a good note.

The other good news is the excellent response to the Cascade Writing Contest. The funds raised have enabled us to pay off our OCW credit card debt.

We also had a dear anonymous giver whose donation of $50.00 went toward paying down the debt.

A big thank you goes out to those who generously donated to the silent auction: Cheryl Colwell, Heidi Gaul, Wendy Gorski, Mary Hake, Susan Maas, and Sue Miholer of Picky, Picky Ink. Thank you to those who bid on the items for your generous support of OCW. V