May Prayer Time

by Marion Duckworth

Prayer Team Member

Where have I shoved writing on my “to do” list, Lord? Is it behind surfing the net and playing online solitaire? I am convinced that You have called me to express my thoughts in written words for others to read. Am I too easily distracted? Spiritually hard of hearing?

I know you need writers who see with redeemed vision and a godly point of view—writers who love You wholeheartedly and ache to show others the way home. So please help me toss all these effluvia in the garbage can. Show me how to manage my time better and be perpetually excited about new ideas that I can’t not write.

After all, it’s You who has given me gifts for the common good, so I obviously have no right to hide them away. Enable me to give my best the way Jesus did. Teach me to follow my “want to” with “I will.”



Kristen Johnson, of Vancouver, is the author of the featured cover article in the current issue of Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine for kids.

Two of our members are semi-finalists in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis Contest. Kendy Pearson, of Dundee, is a double semi-finalist in historical fiction and Katie Powner, of Manhattan, Montana, in the young adult category.

Each of the following members has an article in the May edition of The Christian Journal: Jon Drury, of Vancouver, Washington; Sharon James, of Beaverton; Annika Klanderud, of Dundee; Maxine Marsolini, of Happy Valley; and Jan Sheerin, of Bend.