2024 Cascade Writing Contest Finalists

Article, Column, Nonfiction Short Story

  • Denise E. Arzoian    “Pebbles in My Heart”
  • Rindy Fleming          “Painter of the Sky”
  • Debra K. Kornfield  “Two Minutes”
  • Sherri Langton         “Almost Heaven”


  • Nancy Jean Aguilar “A Cell Phone Psalm”
  • Laquita Dettman      “On Language and Life”
  • Annette Marie Griffin         “But There’s a Place”
  • Ruth Hanna Wood  “The Day Before Sunday”


  • Sandra Beck              “Pile of Feathers”
  • Susan Mary Mix       “The Seed Keeper”
  • Lana M. Usilton       “Cast a Line”
  • Marci Whitehurst     “Adopted, Not Forgotten”

Fiction Short Story (including Flash Fiction)

  • Lori Altebaumer      “The Last Parade”
  • Alyssa Casanova      “Swept Away”
  • Pamela McDavid     “The Dirt of Guinea”
  • Bryan Ruby               “The Night Charlie Winzel Died”

Contemporary Fiction Book

  • Lori Altebaumer      The Wilderness of Sin
  • Michael Corley         The Secrets of Solomon’s Seal: Sinai
  • Sarah Popovich        Whispers in the Trees
  • Rachel D. Russell     The Moment of Surrender

Historical Fiction Book

  • Leslie C. Moore        A Pearl Among Swine
  • Robert J. Pauls         Elkhorn’s Gold
  • Kendy Pearson         Fires of Injustice
  • Amy Renaud             Becoming a Lady Spy

Speculative Fiction Book

  • Kassandra A. Locke Chasing Babylon
  • Lyneta L. Smith        By His Wounds
  • Emily J. Waldorf      The Mirror
  • Julia N. White           The White Raven

Nonfiction Book

  • Karen J. Dorsey        Beach Beatitudes
  • Helen Heavirland    Write Your Memories
  • Kathy Thomas          Eve: Blameless and Beloved—Freedom from Lies That Say We Are Not Enough
  • S.E. Tschritter           The Prodigal’s Son

Memoir Book

  • Trong Van Cao         Awakened Heart
  • Nancy Beck Irland   Grief Is Labor: A Midwife Describes Remarkable Parallels
  • Lillian Joyce              The Secret Life of Lillian Revealed
  • Tammy Murray        Even So—Redemptive Hope in Midst of Trauma

Children’s Chapter Book

  • Sharilyn B. Martin   Meet Me Under the Mango Tree
  • Charlie Parsons & Levi Parsons    Logan’s Journey
  • Melissa Ruhter         A Beaver’s Tale
  • Kristen Joy Wilks     Phooey Kerflooey vs. The Fancy, Fancy Teacup

Children’s Picture Book

  • Cindy W. Arora        Princess Peacock
  • Robin Currie             Just Enough Room for Christmas
  • Kendy Pearson         Polliwog Dreams
  • Cheryl Secomb         When Did God Know?

Middle Grade Book

  • Tina Gollings             Soul House
  • Annika Klanderud   I Lived Through a Wind Chill Advisory
  • Susan Mary Mix       Aime:D—Robo:Doc
  • Mark Wainwright    The Case of the Missing Silver Star

Young Adult Book

  • Mawdiay Faith         Granny and the True Gift of Christmas
  • Annika Klanderud   Qualify
  • S.E. Tschritter           Keeper of the Keys
  • Kristen Joy Wilks     Losing My Religion

2023 Cascade Writing Contest

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2023 Cascade Writing Contest Winners

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