Children’s Picture/Chapter Book

Jennifer Bingham, Nothing Changes Everything: A Simple Retelling of the Truth

Holli Fry, A Bride for Isaac

Hannah Stone, Nani’s Love


Contemporary Book

Michelle Aleckson, Riptide

Rebekah Millet, Fifteen Days

Rebekah Millet, Two Weeks


Historical Book

Tanya Eavenson, The Rescue

Kathleen Freeman, The Whistling Preacher

Carolyn Hill, Cait’s Quandary: A New Orleans Love Story



Kathy Sheldon Davis, Memoir of a Living Doll

Jessica Domagala, Abstract Love

Julie Surface Johnson, Baby Boomer Reflections (A Memoir in Verse)


Middle-Grade Book

Janie Berry, The Legend of the Chocolate Lily

Rebekah Borden, Jungle Fever

J.D. Rempel, Melanie on the Move


Nonfiction Book

Marlys Johnson, Inconvenient Love

Linda Kruschke, You Can’t Go Back to Tuesday

Peg Willis, Fifty-Two Weeks


Speculative Fiction Book

Christina Gollings, Citlali Means Star

Frank Schantz, Konnor the Collector

Melinda Skinner, The Twelve Realms: Coming of Age


Young Adult Book

Cheryl Bostrom, Climb, Run, Drown

Patti Lee, Color Blind

Kelly Pankratz, The Other Side of Yesterday


Articles, Columns, and Blog Posts

Beverly Basile, “Dangerous Invitation”

Sandra Cereghino, “He Can Stay ’til Friday”

Marissa Hunter, “Cutting the Cord”



Maya Eddy, “This Way Up: The Winding Road to a Fulfilled Life”

Elizabeth Harvey, “No Junior Holy Spirit: Hearing God’s Heart Through Our Children”

Donna Hues, “A Wee Lesson in Grace”



Susan Bardzik, “Autumn Gifts”

Suzanne Felton, “Psalm 8”

Rebecca Johnson, “The Horse of Death”


Short Story/Flash Fiction

Robert Gilbert, “Elysia’s Doll”

Bonnie Spillman, “Alone?”

Richard Spillman “The Dusting of Alonso”



 Contemporary Book

Stacy Monson, The Color of Truth

Susan Simpson, Plain Haven

Kristen Wilks, Athens Ambuscade


Historical Fiction Book

Karen Barnett, The Road to Paradise

Sharon Hoseley, A Bridge Named Susan

Anna Zogg, The Marshal’s Mission



Lacey Buchanan, Through the Eyes of Hope

Judith Litchfield, Providence White Caps

Carolyn Wade, Five Hundred Letters


Nonfiction Book

Lacey Buchanan, 40 Days of Hope: A Prayer Journey

Lynn Hare, The Quest for Self-Forgiveness: Discovering the Secret of Guilt-Free Living

Mary Jane Miller, Life Lessons from the Hive


Speculative Fiction Book

Heather FitzGerald, The Genesis Tree

Jill Williamson, King’s Blood

Anna Zogg, The Terran Summit


Young Adult Book

Sally Apokedak, The Button Girl

Matthew Beeman, Nick Banner and the Pharaoh’s Greed

Sarah Tipton, Betrayal of the Band


Articles, Columns, and Blog Posts

Yvonne Kays, “Where the Gray Goose Grows”

Susan Maas, “A Different Easter Dinner”

Dorcas Smucker, “What We Truly Believe Will Show”



Laura Bradford, “Don’t Do the Math”

Lindsay Franklin, “Adored: Day 117”

Bethany Hayes, “The Great Exchange”



Linda Kruschke, “Silent Whisper”

Linda Kruschke, “Stillborn”

Kristen Wilks, “Praying for Bugs”


Short Story/Flash Fiction

Jennifer Anne F. Messing, “Labor Day Delight”

Jennifer Anne F. Messing, “Coming Home”

Donald Steiner, “Surrender”