Innocent Voices

Innocent Voices

Series: Guardians of Grace, Book 2
Genre: Mystery & Suspense

A hard-to-guess psychological suspense of two runaways, homelessness and trafficking, with a villain twist and an ending of angelic hope

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Four gals on dangerous precipices, about to step off into an abyss of no return…

Cienna, working hard on her healing from trafficking and called to help others, enjoys a decent job, amazing daughter and loving husband. But how can a dangerous stalker know so much about her and her friend Jazz? And will the consistent pursual of them ever stop?

Elenore struggles to heal emotionally from an accident years before that killed her boyfriend and uses substances to get through. When she becomes pregnant and her current boyfriend beats her, she flees to a man who has just been biding his time…waiting to make her life a living nightmare of which she sees no way to escape.

Jem becomes the homeless guardian of her little sister when they leave an abusive home. Is her new friend Jet a foe or a frenemy? And as Jem reveals her secrets to the Community, will these come back to push them over the final edge?
Guardian angels await to help all…if only they are called on in time.

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