Innocent Lives

Innocent Lives

Series: Guardians of Grace, Book 1
Genre: Mystery & Suspense

A fast-paced psychological & domestic thriller keeping readers up all night, with a surprising twist of guardian angels and hope

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Jasmine awakes in a brothel, locked up in the “Trouble Room.” She must have done something really, really bad. Her plight is helped by the drugs her owners provide and by becoming “Bay”, a second personality.

Can Jasmine ever become herself again?

Cienna is unable to fight the two men who sell her to a friendly man named Mike. After promising to return her, he ties her up in his barn instead. Eventually, she finds herself admiring her handsome captor as he keeps her safe.

But Mike has a secret deep in his house. And when Cienna discovers it, she realizes that Mike is not friendly at all-he’s a monster. With more than just her life at stake, Cienna decides to escape.

Will she make it out before Mike turns on her?

This suspenseful, domestic thriller satisfies a hankering for a good mystery with a human trafficking as a subject. It is full of twists and turns which include a woman sleuth’s efforts and guardian angels to save the girls.

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