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2017 February Member News


February Prayer Time

by Lindy Swanson

Prayer Team Member

Heavenly Father, we praise You for clothing us with Jesus’ righteousness that we might build up each other’s holy

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2016 November and December Member News


November and December Member News

Long-time OCW member Marion Duckworth’s new book Coney Island Jesus just released and is available on Amazon.

Patricia Lee, of Springfield, just

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June Prayer Time


written by Marion Duckworth, Prayer Team Member

The apostle Paul, who was a very prolific writer, understood that feeling. That’s one reason

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March/April 2014 Member News


Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, California, has a short, humorous article, “Upstaged by Santa Claus,” in the May issue of Christian Communicator.

Last month she joined Toastmasters.

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