written by Lindy Swanson, Prayer Team Member

Heavenly Father,

We praise You because no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. Nothing is impossible for You. We praise You for working through us even when we disbelieve. Sometimes, we are like Zacharias, who didn’t believe he and his wife could conceive in their old age, even though the angel of the Lord announced the good news to him. Yet, You allowed him to participate in the process of bringing forth Your will, making him mute for a season for his disbelief, then giving him joy when Your will was accomplished through him.

Our lack of faith is unjustified, even if our reasons are different. Please forgive us for our disbelief. Help us to believe. Thank You for accomplishing Your will through us in spite of us, then gracing us with joy!

Instead of pride in our intellect, we humbly submit to the mind of Christ. We choose the better way, like Mary, who when told the impossible would happen—to conceive without a husband—willingly offered herself as God’s bond slave. Her ability to speak was not cut off. Instead, her worship poured out as inspired prayer.

We offer up our bodies to You as living and holy sacrifices. We are your bond slaves. We choose to serve You, rather than ourselves.

Sometimes we are asked to do the impossible, to spin gold out of the rubble of our lives. Yet You are the redeemer. You redeem brokenness. You restore what the thief has stolen, killed, or destroyed. You reveal precious metal through refining fires. We trust You to burn the dross from our lives. You purify us and make us strong in the power of Your might.

May the meditations of our heart, the outpouring of our worship through words, burst forth like a fountain of joy. May Your words flow through us to wash, edify, and adorn Your bride. We praise You because You will complete the good work You have begun in us. Be glorified in the heavens.

Be glorified on the earth. In the name—the authority and power—of Jesus, we pray. Amen.


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