When Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits

When Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits

Genre: Inspirational & Personal Growth

God's Healing After Divorce

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What’s a princess to do when her husband says he doesn’t love her anymore? Can she recover when her heart is torn away where it once joined his? Most every woman hopes for a fairy tale romance—where she is desired, fought over, and carried to a castle in the sky to live happily ever after. She does her best to be a good wife, and hopes to beat the statistics, and yet, our princess ends up alone and confused when Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits.

This book is for any woman experiencing this nightmare. No matter what race, economic status, or walk of life, the feelings women experience are much the same. Reeling from this devastating blow to their sense of worth, they need a friend who has faced the wreckage and come out the other side. During her own recovery, the books author Beth Vice found most helpful were the ones written by women who themselves suffered divorce. Beth uses the wisdom and comfort she has received and walks her readers through the progression of emotions brought on by divorce: shock, denial, identity loss, worthlessness, loneliness, despair, and anger. Prince Charming is peppered with helpful stories on how to navigate:

  • Crushed self esteem
  • How to guard against choosing the wrong savior
  • Helping children process their hurt and confusion
  • Learning to forgive
  • The necessity of a support system
  • Facing your own need for change
  • Dating and remarriage
  • Using your experience as a resource to help others

This book offers hope from beginning to end, with solid takeaways for women in crisis. Prince Charming is rich with scripture and examples from a variety of sources, as well as the author’s life. The “Trying it on for Size” questions at the end of each chapter are designed to help women apply the content to their own lives in meaningful ways. Since most women are struggling just to make it through each day, there are no heavy assignments. Author Beth Vice knows God can put you back together, because He did it for her. “He is our true and faithful Love,” she says, “now and forever. And that’s no fairy tale.”

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