Touched by Grace

Touched by Grace

Series: The Redemptive Journey Series, Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 9798883471451
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Can the dream of doing something significant for God ever come true? For Grace, a Louisiana bank manager, the answer lies with Jaden, her new guy from Texas.

Jaden performs with a touring Christian band. Grace loves Jaden’s music, they talk about life, Texas style barbecue, and love was in the air—until it happened. A devastating event forces him to recover at his parents’ ranch in Abilene. Recover isn’t quite the right word to explain Texas, a baby, and an intrusive dreamy landlord.

Perceived betrayal, marital separation, and the likely loss of a godly vision devastates their youthful hopes and plans. The ebb and flow of romantic love grows stronger, and prayer reveals potential solutions, however Grace’s personality allows biblical doubts to threaten their victory. Can a new divinely inspired dream and a child restore the stressed couple’s love and the Lord’s ultimate plans?

A clean, scripturally accurate, modern, Jesus infused romance.

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