Coveting Joy

Coveting Joy

Series: The Redemptive Journey Series, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 9798871231562
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First and foremost, Joy is a ballerina who practices and trains hard. At the same time, believing and loving God comes as natural as a pirouette. Living life in America seems easy for the stunning young Asian girl. But rainy Portland Oregon holds secrets about her mysterious dance partner who offers an enticing opportunity. Faith finds Derek strong, professional, and a devastating romantic, but things get out of hand when her committed Christian boyfriend catches them in an obvious compromise.

The second book in the Redemptive Journey series finds Jesus interacting with Joy, her steady guy, and her modern ballet danseur in a scripturally accurate, emotion filled story. Joy loves her steady guy but dancing with Derek unleashes a storm of romantic feelings. The excitement clouds her caution, but the happily ever after honors Joy’s godly upbringing while giving concession to the power of passion.

Enjoy a captivating romance as the Lord takes part in its emotionally moving and surprising dance finale that satisfies audiences in the physical modern dance tradition, while enabling the message Jesus yearns to impart. Open up this intricate dance of life, where love and passion collide with the divine; an entwined world of inspired callings, professional artistry, and the tensions of an improper relationship.

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