Swallow’s Nest v5

Swallow’s Nest v5

Series: Swallow's Nest, Book 5
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9798868157097

Poetry Journal, Fifth Annual Issue - November 2023

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Swallow’s Nest is an annual poetry journal of Cascade Christian Writers (formerly Oregon Christian Writers), and is open to all members of Cascade Christian Writers to submit poems for inclusion. This fifth annual issue features poems on a variety of topics from little boys to abiding in Jesus to the seasons to one poet’s testimony and more.
A. David
The poets included in this issue are Tabitha Abel, Richard Bauer, Thomas Chereck Jr, Gail Denham, Elizabeth Ann Floyd, Jan Goakey, Cecelia Granger, Lydia Harris, Linda Heath, Helen Heavirland, Robin Illers, Yvonne Kays, Julie Kepler, Rosanne Kern, Linda L. Kruschke, Robin Layne, Maxine Marsolini, Tammy Murray, Sandra Peterson, Ava Pickard, Kim Robinson, Pamela Rosales, Kathleen R. Ruckman, Kathleen R. Ruckman, Melissa Ruhter, Esther Verbruggen, Kristen Joy Wilks.

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