written by Petey Prater, Prayer Team Member

Father, we come to You freely and joyfully because Jesus gives us access to Your dear presence. He restored us when we were prodigals and made us joint heirs with Him through His suffering and sacrifice on Calvary. We stand before You clothed in His righteousness and filled with wonder for the privilege of being called children of God. Thank You for all Your stunning goodness to us.

We desire to be profitable servants, but we have no ability to do Your work or bring You glory until You inspire and enable us. Jesus brought You glory on earth by completing the work You gave Him to do (John 17:4). He did nothing of Himself, but only what He saw You doing. The Lord of all creation waited in prayer for Your mind and direction for each earthly situation. Teach us to wait and listen for Your specific directions also.

Your invitation is, “Come.” We come intentionally, willingly, joyfully, silently, empty, naked, expecting, waiting, listening, receiving. We come to sit limp in Your lap. We come to rest there. We come to seek Your face, not Your hands. We come to listen to Your presence. We come to let You love us. We come to love You. We come to be made whole so we can love and serve Your children. Thank You, Father. Amen.


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