Thrice the Bride

Thrice the Bride

Genre: Historical Fiction
ASIN: 1942320434
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She has spoken the marriage consents thrice—yet she still isn’t a wife.

Davina, a tanner’s unwanted daughter, is looking for a place to call home. She thought she’d found it with Laird Fergus. But when she is attacked by his son, she learns Fergus never intended to keep her.

With a shattered heart, she learns her third intended husband has also rejected her. She has lost hope and welcomes death.

Callen is weary of being under his father’s controlling thumb. Da returns home and informs Callen that he’d arranged his marriage to some stranger. Callen wants nothing of Da’s schemes or some simpering woman.

But then he meets Davina, not only is she a vision, but with what could be her dying breath, she calls God’s blessings down on him and releases Callen from his father’s agreement to wed. Who wouldn’t fight for a love like that? Now he has to make sure she lives and prove his love.

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