The Always Realms

The Always Realms

Series: The Day After Always Series, Book 2
Genre: Speculative Fiction
ISBN: 9781962168601
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Jesse Walt and his colleagues just returned to heaven. Their outreach to defeat evil and unite the divided realms of Eskaonus succeeded, but a new situation has arisen. Soon after their arrival, Uzziel, a high-ranking cherub, tells them about another world facing jeopardy.

Camayah is an advanced civilization where technology has become the official religion, which is overseen by a corrupt and mysterious leader. Other belief systems are forbidden. The followers of such prohibited factions are imprisoned, their sympathizers, reprogrammed. Pursuit of pleasure is the mainstay for the populace. Even worse, deception runs rampant and individuals with sickness are terminated.

Uzziel asks the advocates to portal to Camayah and determine the best course of action to resolve the various situations before their entire culture slides into chaos. The first priority is to locate and protect the few believers who remain faithful.

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