Ninety-Nine Signs

Ninety-Nine Signs

Series: Ninety-Nine Series, Book 1
Genre: Christian Romance
ISBN: 9781733600637

A devastating betrayal. A desperate search for hope. Can true love heal this broken heart?

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For as long as Tamara Jensen can remember, running is all she has ever known… Running from her abusive family. Running from deceitful relationships. Running from the very idea of love itself. Moving from town to town and making friends only to lose them again has become a way of life. With each friendship comes the threat of betrayal, and each relationship the potential to have her heart crushed. But this time something seems different. He seems different. Can he be her salvation, all she has ever dreamt of, or is he the devil in disguise? To trust once more will take all she’s got left—the scars are still raw, and the echoes of pain linger. To be broken again will be the end for her, but all of the signs tell her to believe, for no one can run forever. Will she be able to piece together the shattered fragments of her heart and trust again? Or will the darkness finally consume her?

Ninety-Nine Signs is the gripping first book in the Ninety-Nine series, a contemporary Christian romance saga that explores the devastation of childhood abuse and the power of true love to heal. If you like flawed heroines, edgy imagery, and stories of unfailing redemption, then you’ll love Elisheba Haxby & Jesse Vincent’s spiritual fable.

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