Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue

Genre: Biography & Memoir
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 274
ISBN: 9781737054238

A True Story of Unexpected Mercies and Deliverance

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During spring break in March 2013, Mary Owen, a twenty-three-year-old student at George Fox University, went missing. She was an avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast who had previously hiked the 2653 mile long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Friends from many communities around the world, PCT hiking buddies, friends living outside on the streets of Portland, fellow students and teachers, past and present employers and co-workers, former home school and speech club pals, people from churches and fellowships, along with family and relatives, all united in fervent prayer for her to be found alive.This is a story of the agony one mistake can precipitate, a story of blunder, peril, and reckoning on a hazardous mountain at a dangerous time of year. It is a compelling story of obsession, the allure of the outdoors, intense longing for adventure, entrapment in the wild, and Providential survival. It is an unforgettable story of prayer, faith, and hope, and of days of silence, turned into song and resurrection.Many people have asked for this story to be written. The book includes Mary’s account, her parents’ perspectives, along with a collage of contributions from other people who became part of the story as it unfolded in real-time. It is about Mary’s miraculous preservation, rescue, and healing after she became injured and stranded alone on Sandy Glacier for six days on Mount Hood in Oregon. Her story went viral when she was found and plucked off the mountain one day before Easter. *This title is also available in an extended edition, in color, and with four extra chapters, featuring the support of family and friends.

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