Blessings of the Christmas Tree Farm

Blessings of the Christmas Tree Farm

Genre: Children's Fiction

Bible Lessons for Children

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What if I told you the real Christmas tree can be utilized to teach lessons that Jesus taught in a way children would enjoy and understand?

Nearly 30 million real Christmas trees are sold each year in the United States. Does having a tree detract from the celebration of Jesus’ birthday? It doesn’t have too!

The book will help readers learn:

How trees can be a reminder to have a good foundation.

How nothing is perfect until it is accepted as it is.

How trees need care and guidance, just as children do.

How shaping trees are reflective of raising children.

How Christmas tree farms benefit many people.

The reader will follow Atlas as Mr. Jon explains the different aspects of preparing a tree to be the perfect Christmas tree. Mr. Jon tells how being perfect is a matter of perspective. He shares his love for the outdoors and passes that love to others. Children can see lessons in a fun adventure on the tree farm.

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