November Prayer Time


Lynn Hare

Prayer Team Member


Jesus, You told 46 parables that depicted Your Kingdom in living color. We creatively design pictures that bring Your truths to life too. Pour new parables onto our pages!

With brilliantly powerful events and masterfully crafted creative words and phrases, may we purpose to take readers on spiritual adventures of the high road. Because You live in us, our thoughts can be Yours—flowing and connected.

God, provide a clear path for selling and marketing our materials so that we can be fruitful and productive, reaching more people for Your Kingdom.

Father, thank You for the power to overcome obstacles in the writing journey today: the fear of rejection, of being misunderstood, of not being good enough, and of writing with an unusual style. You are the original Creative. Where Your creativity flows, ours can as well.

Holy Spirit, is there an artful way of looking at life? What do You find good-natured or funny? We invite Your lighthearted humor onto our pages.

In community with other authors, we celebrate their successes. Who can we get to know better, encourage more, and cheer on louder today?



Karen Barnett, of Albany, was spotlighted in the November 5th issue of The Register-Guard (Eugene’s daily newspaper). “Teaser” on the front page was “National parks beautify her novels,” alluding to her Vintage National Parks novels, the first of which released this year (The Road to Paradise) with two more to come from Waterbrook. To see the whole article, go to

J. Bassett, of Roseburg, signed a contract with Desert Breeze Publishing for her novel, Sweet Charity. It is to be released in May 2018.

Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, California, and Sue Miholer, of Keizer, have pieces in the November/December issue of Christian Communicator.

Lisé Buell, of Brush Prairie, Washington, had her article, “Lost and Found,” accepted by Bible Advocate for publication soon.

Dan Campbell, of Seaside, had a Christmas poem accepted for publication in a 2018 issue of LIVE.

Camille Eide, of Sandy, contributed an article for the “Last Word” (regular feature) in the Southern Writer Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2017 Holiday issue. This publication is available by subscription in digital and print form at and features writing tips, publishing news, encouragement, and more from authors (not just from the south), a majority of whom are fellow Christian authors and friends of OCW.

Judy Glenney, of Vancouver, Washington, has published her book, Mom, I’m a Girl, which is the story of her journey through the struggles of transgenderism of her son. Unfortunately, his struggle ended with him taking his life as he said, “If I can’t live my life as a woman, I won’t live it at all.” He was three months shy of his 20th birthday. The rest of the story is how God brought her unexpected joy through that trial, bringing her into a relationship with Him she never thought possible. If you want more information about this, we can put you in touch with Judy.

Gordon Grose, of West Linn, recently had two pieces published: “Discipling the Mentally Ill” in the September/October issue of Bible Advocate and “Willing to Learn,” a devotional in the November/December issue of The Upper Room.  

Pam Groves, of Portland; Lydia Harris, of Lake Forest Park, Washington; Linda Jo Reed, of Spokane, Washington; Pamela Rosales, of Beaverton; and Linda Jett (posthumously) have pieces in the new Short and Sweet anthology from Grace Publishing.

Lydia Harris, of Lake Forest Park, Washington, sold a story to LIVE at our 2017 summer conference.

Donna Hues, of Mt. Angel, released Eden Lake—Not Quite Paradise, the second book in her MNM Mystery Series in September. The adventures of Maggie, Nellie, and Max continue in a small town near the base of Mt. Hood in 1900.

Hanna Humberd, of Portland, has published her book, Barsas’ Garden.

Geneva Iijima, of Oregon City, sold an article to LIVE, “How to Survive the Death of a Spouse.” Her piece, “But I Can’t Touch Bottom,” will be in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes! It goes on sale August 14, 2018.

Virginia A. Johnson, of Crabtree, self-published a book, A Greenhorn Gal: Life in Eastern Montana (a nonfiction book of short stories with a section of recipes), in October.

Jennifer Anne Messing, of Portland, had a new short fiction story published in the October 22, 2017 issue of The Gem. She also has copies available for sale of her first-ever published wall calendar: “2018: A Year of Poetry, Praise, and Inspiration” that features her best-selling poetry, original floral photos, and graphic design. You can get more information about her calendar and other books at: Other recent news: Jennifer had a short fiction story, “Wanted: A Loving Babe for Marriage,” published in the July 2017 issue of Anak Sastra: Stories for Southeast Asia, an English language online magazine based in Indonesia, the sixth country where her 200+ stories and poems have been published to date. She also had a short fiction story published in August 2017 issue of the US-based Edify online magazine.

Nora Peacock, of Newberg, has published Promises, her debut novel. It is available on Amazon.

Kendy Pearson, of Dundee, won the ACFW Genesis Award for Historical Fiction in September. In November, she will be teaching a four-workshop series, “Writing for Publication—an introduction,” at the Newberg Library.

Cheryl Secomb, of Portland, recently sold two stories to Clubhouse Jr.

Lyla Swafford, of Beaverton, sold an article to LIVE.

The following members have articles in the October issue of The Christian Journal: Jon Drury, of Vancouver, Washington; Lynn Hare, of Portland; Annika Klanderud, of Dundee; Maxine Marsolini, of Happy Valley; Jan Sheerin, of Bend; and Julie Zander, of Toledo, Washington.