Janet Asbridge, of Vancouver, Washington, wrote a 300-word, three-syllable (max per word) piece titled “Books” that will be published in Short and Sweet III by Grace Publishing. Jane Reid, of Tigard, also has a piece “My Wild Backyard” in the book. (Note: Grace Publishing will be represented by Terri Kalfas at the summer conference. Susan King of The Upper Room, who will also be at the conference, has compiled this series of books. Both women are summer conference favorites.)

Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, California, had a piece titled “Framed” in the humor section (“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Becoming a Communicator”) of the March–April edition of Christian Communicator. Sally Stuart, of Tigard, also had a piece in that section titled “Follow You Anywhere.”

Mary Hake, of Terrebonne, has edited two quarters of Primary Sunday school curriculum for Gospel Publishing House, as well as their teen and adult devotionals each quarter, and continues to edit mysteries for Christy Barritt. She had a two-part children’s story in Partners last fall and will have a piece in a book about Billy Graham next fall.

Tracie Heskett, of Vancouver, was contracted and wrote three nonfiction leveled readers last month. She is also writing a series of six teacher resource books on grammar this year. In January, her blog post was published on the David C Cook blog.

Virginia Johnson, of Crabtree, elected February 2018 as the launch period for her self-published book, A Greenhorn Gal: Life in Eastern Montana. The Montana Historical Society placed a copy of the book in its archives. She found the publicity-oriented activities fun to plan and carry out. During the month of February, she sold some books, gained self-confidence, and met some new friends. “For me,” she says, “not everything is about book sales, but it is about meeting people, connecting with them, and hopefully letting Christ’s light shine out to each one.”

Linda Kruschke, of Lake Oswego, had two of her poems selected from hundreds of submissions for inclusion in Darkness and Light: Voices from Poets Verse Anthology.

Rachel Lulich, of Tigard, has a play about the church in 1930s Germany that will be produced this spring at her church. A children’s musical she wrote is being presented this month by the children’s ministry at her church.

Jennifer Anne F. Messing, of Portland, sold out of the “2018: A Year of Poetry, Praise, and Inspiration” calendars she designed that included her original poetry and photos. Her short fiction story was published in the October 22, 2017, issue of Gem, a church take-home paper. She also had a poem published in the December 10, 2017, issue of the same publication. And another poem of hers was in the February 28, 2018, issue of LIVE.

Christina Suzann Nelson, of Corvallis, reports that her debut novel, If We Make It Home, was honored as one of the top five Christian novels of the year by Library Journal.

Kendy Pearson, of Dundee, wrote the spring Sunday school quarterly for Primary-age children (6–8) for Union Gospel Press

Pam Rosales, of Beaverton, had her article “The Last Goodbye” published in the spring issue of LIVE.

Pat Rushford, of Vancouver, Washington, has a new series, Artisan Mysteries, which includes Deadly Deception and The Quiltmaker’s Daughter.

Geni White, of Eugene, has published her book, My Dog Gumbo: to Love or Not to Love, with Candle Alive. It is available on Amazon.com.

The March issue of The Christian Journal features articles by these members: John Drury, of Vancouver, Washington; Annika Klanderud, of Dundee; Maxine Marsolini, of Happy Valley; and Jan Sheerin, of Bend.