Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, CA, had a humorous article and a poem in the Summer 2013 issue of the ST Quarterly. The winter 2014 issue of ST Quarterly includes a short article, a poem, and an acrostic Carolyn wrote. She also had a news article in the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper at the end of July. In November, she spoke at a Women’s Tea at Messiah Lutheran Church in Highland, California. After her humorous and encouraging message about what happened when she went on a summer missions trip to Eastern Europe, the ladies asked her to tell them more about it. She was thrilled with that response.

Danika Cooley, of Beaverton, has written 14 mystery Bible character clues/devotions that will appear in Thriving Family’s 2014 summer calendar. Pockets will publish two of her articles in the first quarter of 2014. The February issue of Clubhouse will publish a “Truth Pursuer” article by Danika. She has a fictionalized biography and a Bible story appearing in the March and August issues of Clubhouse Jr. magazine, as well as a science article in one of the spring issues.

Lynn Hare, of Portland, and Sue Miholer, of Keizer, have devotionals in the spring edition of The Secret Place. (Note: It’s a great market for short devotionals. See

Becky LeRud, of Lebanon, will have an article in LIVE this fall. It is entitled “Tundra Thanksgiving” and is about their first Thanksgiving on Alaska’s North Slope.

Carlin Lohrey, of Kelso, WA, has her first novel, The Caves of Lavar, available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. It is a historical novel about a girl from a God-fearing tribe who is brutally torn from her comfortable life by an uncivilized caveman.