Genre: Family, Parenting & Relationships
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 180
ASIN: 153683310X
ISBN: 9781536833102

Reaching the most despised with God's love

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“UNTOUCHABLE – reaching the most despised with God’s love” is the first book to deal with pedophilia from a Christian perspective. Pedophilia is discussed at depth as a sexual orientation that a person may, or may not act-out on. The difficulties pedophiles have in accessing professional mental health care and the desperate situations they experience when unable to disclose their “deep, dark, dirty secret” to anyone without fear of reprisal, hate or losing their job, family, children etc. can often lead to depression, loneliness, them acting-out on their sexual attraction to children despite never wanting to, and suicide. In opening up this topic and the role the Christian community can take when they understand pedophilia, the incidence of child sexual abuse will be impacted positively. USA is, like many other nations, behind in recognizing the problems faced by virtuous pedophiles, and still sweeping pedophilia under the carpet while pretending to protect children. It is not working. A chapter about protecting children from child molesters, not necessarily pedophiles, is included for parents, churches and communities who want to keep their children safe. Opening up the topic will help those concerned about children’s safety to have a broader understanding on a significant component associated with child safety. Abel relies on the Bible and the Christian belief that all people are sinners and in need of God’s love, uses comments from pedophiles that are posted on a number of on-line websites and also refers to a growing bank of research that opens up the true story of pedophilia. Facts about child sexual abuse, the sex offender registry, pornography, child molestation and pedophilia are topics briefly covered in UNTOUCHABLE. Readers wanting to know about these topics will find information from an unvarnished Christian perspective in UNTOUCHABLE.

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