MY Shepherd

MY Shepherd

Genre: Inspirational & Personal Growth
ASIN: 1712185926
ISBN: 9781712185926

A collection of contemporary adaptations of the Shepherd's Psalm

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MY Shepherd -a collection of contemporary adaptations of the Shepherd’s Psalm contains 22 contemporary psalms based on the Shepherd’s Psalm, Psalm 23, found in the Holy Bible. Individuals have recorded how they witness their Good Shepherd at their workplace, whether they are lawyers, teachers or pilots, based on the original 23rd Psalm. Some of the psalms describe God’s presence being felt as they enjoy hobbies such as running or quilting, while others tell of their relationship with the Shepherd as being their Friend or as accompanying them in their journey as a Parent of Adult Children.An introduction to this short volume, provides the reader with a biblical review of the life of King David, who wrote many of the psalms found in the Bible, including Psalm 23, and brings readers forward to the time when Jesus Christ walked the earth and was called “The Good Shepherd”.MY Shepherd has been compiled to help readers find a closer relationship with the Good Shepherd.The last psalm in the book, the 23rd psalm, has been left blank for the reader to write their personal psalm.Be inspired by writers who have a strong relationship with the Good Shepherd.

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