Trails of Hope

Trails of Hope

Genre: Historical Fiction
ASIN: 1522032770
ISBN: 9781522032779

Release from the Past

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Everyone needs hope to keep going. But sometimes hope seems small, even elusive.TRAILS OF HOPE tells about the fictitious town of New Hope in the desert of southeastern Arizona during the late 1880’s. New Hope is a community of people searching for a fresh start. Just about the time they feel comfortable in their new surroundings, the past creeps up and re-opens old memory wounds. Life has dealt them hardships which left scars of guilt and turmoil. The weekly train is nearing the end of its journey. Various people are aboard, heading for New Hope. Some are moving there, some are returning, and some are just passing through. The desert heat has lulled the passengers into an afternoon snooze. When Paul, the engineer, sees a landslide blocking the tracks, he has to stop suddenly, unseating the passengers, as well as unnerving them.Paul organizes work crews from the unwilling passengers to clear the tracks. He also asks Jonathan Stone to ride into New Hope to enlist additional help from the townspeople. Jonathan has been away attending college and is coming home for a visit.As the passengers and townspeople work together, they begin to trust each other and develop new friendships. Various other personal dilemmas throughout the story reveal personal weaknesses and strengths. The citizens of New Hope come to realize that each person has his own personal anxieties. As each one faces difficulties, the people who cross their paths counsel and guide them to various Bible passages that give them insight to find peace of mind and HOPE for a more positive future. Come meet the townsfolk of New Hope as they search for their own peace.

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